Wooden Front Door Types

Your choice of front door replacement is an important one. Many people select wood because it is durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Before you choose your next front door, there are styles you should be aware of.

Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are made up of several panels and a frame. Some of the more popular styles of this door are the three-panel mission, standard whole panel, and five equal panel doors. You might also see inserts for windows, different types of wood, or patterns on this type of door.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are best when excellent views are present. These doors fold back to allow air in and for you to enjoy the view. They are also great if you need a space to bring in large objects. Although these doors are useful in residential construction, they are also seen a lot in commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes.

Batten and Ledge Doors

Batten and ledge doors sound complex but are one of the simplest front door replacement designs. It is also one of the oldest. These doors look a lot like barn doors and are very sturdy. They are made of diagonal supports, three vertical ledges, and battens.

Wooden Dutch Doors

These doors have two separate panels that lock together or can be opened individually. You can open the top panel and leave the bottom panel closed to let in fresh air without allowing kids and pets to escape.

Wooden French Doors

French doors add a beautiful accent to any home or business. They also have the added benefit of opening one side or both depending on your needs and the circumstance. Sometimes only the frame is wood, and the center is glass. This allows more light in if the door opens into a small space.

Most professionals can install these doors quickly and easily. You should choose the front door replacement that fits your style and needs.