Tips for Your Deck Remodel

Do you want to increase your outdoor space? A new deck may be the right choice. Decks give you plenty of space to entertain your family and friends, can improve your home’s resale value, and offer you a place to enjoy the outdoors. To set yourself up for success, follow these helpful tips before you begin your remodeling project.


Consider the overall layout of your deck. Do you want it to wrap around your home, or end at a certain point? Where is the placement of your deck in relation to your windows and doors? Sketch out a general plan to avoid an awkward layout. You want to avoid making your deck too narrow, which can restrict movement and even be a hazard for someone with mobility issues. Other considerations when sketching your layout include size, what you’ll store on your deck, door access, and overall traffic flow. 

Building Codes

Do you know your local building codes? Before you begin your project, you want to be sure your plan is up to code to avoid future issues or fines. Check with your local officials to see what specs your deck should include. You also want to be mindful of property lines so you don’t end up extending your deck past your boundaries. 


Think about what materials you will use to build your deck. Most decks are built from lumber, but more homeowners are using composite materials for a lower-maintenance finished product. Your deck should be designed around the lumber specs to ensure a sturdy space. Don’t forget to consider your railling, which is often a safety requirement for decks. Your railing doesn’t have to be boring; you can create something eye catching while still keeping up with safety standards. 

Start your deck remodeling project off right with these tips and you’ll set yourself up for a successful finished product.