The Difference Between DIY Vinyl Siding and Professional Installation

As a homeowner, sometimes the thought of DIY probably sounds appealing. Who doesn’t want to save money? However, with certain projects, trying to do it yourself can cost you way more than hiring a pro in the long run, and you end up with a less-than-stellar exterior. Vinyl siding is one of those projects where you always want to call an expert. Here’s why.

Leveling Vinyl Siding Isn’t Easy

All you need to do with siding is cut and nail, right? Not even close, unless you want your home exterior to look like it was part of a school project. Installing brand-new siding means carefully preparing the underlying surface to make sure it’s perfectly level. It’s essential to scrub and seal structural materials. Replacing damaged siding is even more complex.

For each panel, careful measurements are needed to ensure complete alignment from top to bottom. Professionals know how to work quickly while leaving everything spotless, but beginners often have big problems in this area.

Professional Recommendations Give You Better Options

What kind of vinyl does your home need to stay beautiful for decades? How thick does the vinyl need to be so it doesn’t warp in hot weather? Experts know the answers to these questions. There are different types and thickness of vinyl siding for noise resistance, energy efficiency, impact resistance and long-lasting color.

Your Home Needs the Best Moisture Protection

One of the most important reasons to go with professional siding installers is to keep moisture out of your interior walls. Experts carefully caulk and seal every corner, contour, window frame and door frame. No seams are left unprotected. This is vital for preventing mold issues later on.

Experts Offer Custom Siding

Another huge difference in the finished results when you hire an expert is that your home gets custom vinyl siding sections. Instead of tons of distracting seams, each wall is perfectly sealed and seamless. This gives your home an amazing look.