Replacing a Bay Window Requires Handiwork Expertise

A bay window adds charm and extra space to your home. If the existing one no longer seals out the outside air or no longer level, it’s time for a window replacement. Before tackling the project yourself, it’s important to understand the replacement process to get a better grasp if it might be a job for a professional.

The Replacement Process

While windows are not extremely difficult to replace, there are many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure they work as they should. The process begins by removing the existing bay window, including trim and fixtures. In some cases, the opening itself may need some repairs to ensure the new window fits and lasts. Prior to installing the new one, support braces need to be installed. Since a bay window replacement makes it a bigger window, it’s vital that it is properly aligned so it can open easily and stay secure. The final steps involve installing the window’s roof frame, insulating the entire structure and covering interior fixtures that are exposed.

Why Consider Professional Installation?

While the process may seem relatively easy, one missed calculation may result in an incorrect installation. Many hardware stores have kits that make the process easier, but accurate measurements are still needed. Whether installing yourself or hiring a professional, the window itself is an investment that you want to last for years. A window that is not level or properly sealed only means spending more money sooner down the road. If the window is on a second story, it is best to seek an expert who has the tools and know-how to handle the extra height.

A window replacement is an investment but provides long-term benefits. That only happens if it is properly installed. Prior to taking on the project yourself, consider what time and talents you have to ensure your new window lasts as it should.