Important Factors To Consider for a New Deck

Getting ready to have a new deck built is exciting. Imagining all the ways you’re going to enjoy your deck gets the blood flowing and puts a smile on your face. You can probably already picture yourself eating meals with your family outdoors or relaxing in the cool breeze after a long day at work. To end up with a fantastic deck that checks all the boxes on your wishlist, there are several things you should consider during the planning phase.

Features You Love

When you talk with a contractor to build your deck, you get better results if you already have some clear ideas of what you’re looking for. The builder can fill in the blanks and make structural decisions, but style choices are mainly up to you.

How can you figure out what specific features are a must for your deck? Start by making a list of things you love and hate about other decks. If your friends have decks, try to notice what features you like about them. You can also get ideas from watching TV programs about backyard remodeling or looking at websites dedicated to exterior design.

Deck Layouts

Focus especially on big questions about the deck. For example, do you want your deck to be attached to the house or independent? Can you afford the remodeling cost of creating a walkway from the dining room or living room to the patio? Another main detail is the type of material you want for your deck: pine, redwood, cedar, composite or something else.

Lifestyle Questions

The next thing to think about when planning a new deck is how you plan on using it. There’s a big difference between a deck for entertaining large groups versus relaxing with your family. This is especially related to the size of the deck and the available space in your yard. If you want a dining table, sectional, cement patio, fire pit or pizza oven, the contractor needs to build the new deck to match.